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Friday, March 11, 2005


So it's been a week of biking decisions... after two great rides last weekend one out at Greenbriar with Joe and a 4+ hour road ride on Sunday, I came out of my winter stupor to realize that I'm out of shape and that make this a strong season I've got some work to do.

The first decision was to see about joining the City Bikes Mountain Bike Team. Joe filled me in on the idea during the car ride out to Greenbriar. It had been something I was contemplating for a while and Joe helped fill me in on the details. I attended the first meeting of the season and it sounds like a cool group. My main motivation for joining is to be part of a bigger group at the races I already attend. Although the sport is fairly individual, its nice to have a group to identify yourself with, get support from and give support to in kind. Furthermore the shop does support a lot of events in DC such as bike rodeos, bike to work day and Bike DC among others. It will be nice to give a little back to the biking community.

Next I got on the ball with JB becoming my coach. I'm pretty psyched about it because he'll really motivate me to get off my ass and stick to a training schedule. Plus we're good friends and he knows my riding style and ability so that all should help make it a good experience.

Finally, I'm trying to get some teams together for some endurance races. AV is deffinitely in for 12 hours of Lodi Farm, May 14-15. But it would be cool to have a third person for that race, anyone? Also, the 24 Hours of Big Bear is coming up, June 18-19. So far I've put the offer out there to quite a few folks, but have yet to get commitments.

This weekend is looking reasonable for some riding, trails Sat. and then a group ride starting at 9 AM from Pierce Mill on Sunday, feel free to join if interested! It is a laid back ride with plenty of stops.


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