Matt Donahue

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ed Sander Memorial 'Cross Race at Lily Ponds

I don't have too many words to say, I will say that I had a blast. I started at the back- 3 people off the back to be exact - out of around 65 or something and I only had use of the big ring after lap one. That said, combined with no training since the SM 100 I was pleased with my performance- 5th.

I'd been planning to do 'cross since late October last year. But one thing or another got in the way, the season went by, and I did nothing. I promised myself that I would make the 2006 season different, at least try it out once and see how it goes. I love it. It was a blast.

Chris shows how it's done on the barriers.

Marc powers up the rise.

Gwadzilla holds off the competition.

Killer B's line it up.

Fastmarc/FatMarc blogger extraordinaire.

Rob powers after the leaders, he took third.

Joe crests the rise and heads for the barriers.

John B, last week's winner, battles hard.

Mike clears the barriers.

Chris bathes the trusty steed.