Matt Donahue

Monday, January 01, 2007

Cyclecross Nationals Recap

Happy New Year!

Before going on to blog about the trip I am currently on, I must first give an update on the trip up to Natz with Evan, Judd, Kyle and Josef. The trip began on a rough note for me. Although I planned ahead and packed, my company had it's Christmas party Friday night (the night before we left). I truly meant to not drink too much, and chose to drinkt wine thinking I would avoid having too many of those in the end. But the bottles were carried around by the waiters who were more than ready to make sure that my glass was always full. The result is obvious. Not that they forced the drink down my throat, but it was made easier.

Saturday morning began far too early. 5:30 arrival by Judd- I was still slightly drunk I think... ugh.

Loaded up the truck in a haze, leaving behind my helmet and shoes, on the living room floor. I slept for the first few hours of the drive, pickled in the back of the truck.

We arrived in time to see the elite men race. It was crazy fast.