Matt Donahue

Friday, October 07, 2005

on hold with Sala Thai

Amazingly I have been on hold ong enough to log in here and make a blog entry. We're ordering from Sala Thai, U Street location.

Sooooooooooooooooo long. Well at least they're busy.

Hang up. Call again, on hold again.

It's going to take at least an hour to get here.

At least we're watching U2 on Conan O'Brien.

Finally, made the order. Pad Thai, spring rolls, chicke fried rice, Panang tofu.

Hour to an hour and 15 to get here. It is 8:40 PM now...

Good that they're busy. in case you want to wait too.

Bike To Work

I didn't bike to work today. It's the first day I've commuted by metro in about two months? Maybe more, I can't remember.

I'm glad that DC has a metro. If it didn't exist things would be very different. I hope it expands and gets better. I think more people should ride the metro. That said, I have grown an aversion to riding metro.

I think that this can be attributed to riding a bike most of the time. I like the freedom that the bike offers. I can go faster or slower, I don't need to wait for much (the occasional light or stop sign). It's exercise, a chance to be outside, it's somewhat free (you need to pay for the bike and I suppose also the proximity to the work place counts as a cost as well, even though you need to pay to live somewhere).

Here's a cool post about biking to work.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blog Search

Intersting blog search site:


So I decided to buy a cyclocross bike. A Specialized Tricross. Any decision to buy a new bike is tough due to variety of bikes available, cost, questions of 'need' etc. This bike is planned to have a duel purpose; commuting and 'cross racing. I've never raced 'cross before, but it looks like a pile of fun. This blog by Fat Mark has some excellent 'cross racing entries.

The gang at City Bikes is building up the bike this week. So hopefully it will be in action some time next week, there's a 'cross race next weekend so maybe things will come together by then.

Jimmy, Brian and I watched the Boston Red Sox crumble in the face of the Chicago White Sox last night. I love watching baseball playoffs, they are so confounding. Small decisions, and mistakes can lead to big changes in a game. Last night was a prime example after Boston second baseman Graffinino made an error which set the stage for a three run homer. I'm not a huge fan of watching sports on the tube, but during the MLB playoffs I'm a sucker if Boston is playing.

And finally, this from yesterday... An old topic which surfaces now and again. I hear Specialized is making more progress on high-tech seats to combat these problems. I say keep up the innovation and hope that someone solves it. However, I would bet that riding bikes is better for your health than being sedentary, all blood flow issues aside.

A link from Gwadzilla led me to this: further discussing the NYT article.