Matt Donahue

Sunday, June 12, 2005

24 Hours of Big Bear is coming!

The 24 hours of Big Bear, formerly known as the 24 hours of Snowshoe, is rapidly approaching. The event is next weekend!

We've got a great team this year, the Ten Pound Monkeys. We're in Men's Sport, which seems to be by far the biggest class at the race with 43 teams. It seems like an awefully big class.

This race features a really neat online live update time-keeping system so you can follow each and every team's progress throughout the event, up to the second. Last year's results are still up, and this year will follow the same format. My team last year was "Six Inches of Travel and Then Some."

Time to start getting supplies and equipment together, not to mention food!

We'll be pitting with Team With No Name which should contribute to the festive atmosphere.


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