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Friday, June 17, 2005

Off to Big Bear

Heading out to Big Bear today! The weather is insanely nice, although there are predictions of showers in the area near the race. I think they need to come up with a 24 hours of Rock Creek or something.

After a long night of wrenching Jamie's bike, it appears that it's ready. He had a string of bad luck this week regarding the bike, an Intense Tracer. First, his rear shock blew up and stopped holding air, he had to replace that with one from a friend of ours who luckily has the same bike and has since moved up to a Stumpjumper FSR. The shock transplant fit. But no sooner was he back in business then he realized he needed something at the local mall. Pulling into the parking garage he managed to tear the bike, and entire roof rack off of the top of his car. At first glance, the bike seem ok, but upon closer inspection, his fork drop-outs were bent out such that the fork will no longer hold a wheel. Luckily, another friend (me) had the same front fork- collecting dust in my basement which is a rather sad state for a Marzocchi Z1 CR! So he switched that out last night as well, along with pulling and greasing his BB and replacing the cassette, and big rings.

Something tells me some adjusting may need to occur as this bike is new!

The Big Bear time keeping will take place online so check it out live starting at 12:00 noon on Saturday.

Real Time

Time to pack!


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