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Friday, June 23, 2006

Cranky Monkey Weekend

I'd intended to do the first Wednesday @ Wakefield race this week, but work kept me late for the first half of the week- 8AM-8PM days Monday through Wednesday, so W@W didn't happen. It's a bummer as I'd really hoped to do the whole series this summer. But never fear, I'll be there for the remaining 3 races. There's always another race.

This Sunday is the first Cranky Monkey race of a four-race series. I'm signed up for all four, and am hoping to participate in all four. Maybe housework will get in the way, our kitchen rennovation is seriously in need of some energy, need to focus on that all day Saturday.

This week's training plan was a bit tough due to the hefty work schedule, but JB got me dialed in with a good training plan that was flexible enough to work with my up and down schedule. We'll see how things go on Sunday.

Here are a few more good 24 Hour Race reports from fellow teamates:



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