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Friday, May 12, 2006

Stolen Bike

Be on the lookout!

My wife's Trek was stolen tonight. We were about to leave and she had to run back in the house for something, I stepped in to get a phone call, and when we came back outside my wife caught a 12-14 year old kid riding down the alley on her bike. I was still on the phone, she started yelling, I came out and jumped on my bike, but the kid had obviously picked the right way to run, and I the wrong way to follow.

Metallic gray Trek 6000 1999
Red Trek lettering
Red Manitou suspension fork
LX rear derailure
XTR V brakes
WTB saddle
Rear fender
Time pedals (the new xc pedals)
slick tires
Lots of PSB stickers ( big colorful parking sticker for her office building with PSB on them in black)

It's amazing and sad that kids don't have better things to do than stealing someone's bike from their back yard. Had I been slightly closer to the door, and not on the phone things may have worked out a little differently. So frustrating. As I sped through the neighborhood I wondered what I would say if I caught the kid. "That's my bike kid." What if the kid didn't give it up? What if he were with some other 'kids'?

For the most part I felt mad, but still rational enough to know that I would probably not find the kid or the bike. I didn't.

I also wonder if the kids who we know in our back alley know the kid who stole my wife's bike. They say they don't. They cleared out though when we came out after the thief. We talked about it later, they say he was showed up in the alley and that they never saw him before.

We went to the police. The bike is not registered. So it's unlikely we will get it back. They advised me not to go after the kid. Probably wise. Obviously I won't now. But at the time it seemed like a good idea.


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