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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Epic Pogue Fever

I'm approaching nearly a week of not being on the bike, and nearly a week of being sick. I did put in some solid hours last week, but this week has been empty. Each evening I go to bed hoping that I'll be able to rally in the morning and head out for a long commute in. Each morning I wake up with a raw throat, hacking up lung butter and decide against it.

This virus, I've named it "the fever" was nasty and apparently it is quite widespread. I ran a fever somewhere in the 102-103 neighborhood all day Saturday into very early Sunday morning. We were in Nebraska for a wedding, but I was in candyland. I could not think clearly at all. I was dizzy, delerious and halucinating slightly. All of this from the comforts of the Holiday Inn in Lincoln NE. While my wife went to wedding events, I sat in the room moaning like a mental patient and watching back to back episodes of trading spaces. If fevers do 'cook' your brain, I suppose that was what happened, that show didn't help matters either... So this recovery is taking a while.

Meanwhile, just before I got sick, the night before in fact, I did two things. Picked up a new bike- Specialized Epic Marathon, and went to see the Pogues at the 9:30 club. The bike is great, but I need more time (obviously) to see how it rides.

The Pogues were great too. Shane McGowan is crazy. He was wasted when he came on stage and proceeded to drink what appeared to be an entire bottle of whiskey while doing the show. I hope it was a prop, but I don't think he does props. At 49, he looks like he's about 70, at least from where we were standing-that's what a lifetime of hard drinking and drugs gets you I suppose. But he can still sing, mostly, although he can't really talk- all we could really understand was a slurred "thank you" while his other comments were garbled by the drink.

If he didn't drink and do drugs to the extent that he did/does would his amazing music be what it is? It's sad to see such a success accompany such substance abuse, I wonder how interrelated the two are.


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