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Monday, December 19, 2005

Fat Protection

After about a 1.5(?) month hiatus, I did my typical long commute into work today. This takes me up along Oregon Ave, along the fringe of Rock Creek Park, to the Capitol Crescent Trail, just south of the Mormon Temple. Holiday parties and the short rides into work have definitely knocked me off my game. The climbs along Oregon Ave hurt way more than they should have.

Of course I was pushing hard, stupid, but that is what I do when I feel slow. At the top of one hill I felt a little nauseous, spit some goopy cold-weather-spit but continued spinning. Visions of cheese wheels, shrimp cocktail, mini quiches, beer, wine and other holiday party goodies flashed through my head. A section of the ride that used to take me around 4.5 minutes during the race season took far longer (not saying how long). They're all related, slower times and reckless holiday face-filling, oh, and not riding could be a factor too.

Turning onto the CCT I was greeted with some serious sheets of ice. Vast sections of the trail were glaciated (ok it's not Alaska, but I was surprised and will embellish a little). Luckily I was on the 'cross bike. After cleaning several sections, my confidence grew. I didn't increase speed so much as kept my head up and didn't tense up as much. BAM. I ate it hard just before the tunnel going into Bethesda. I landed right on my ass and bounced the back of my head on the ice. Strangely I was fine. My ass didn't even hurt. There is something to be said for holiday parties creating a bit more cusion on the old back side.

The CCT, while sort of a mundane commute, had transformed into a fairly technical ride. There was a lot of ice out there; maybe I'm a wuss but fine. It was icy. I enjoyed the ride in; it has been a long time since I've crashed on the commute to work due to trail conditions.


  • it is said that the shrimp cocktail is one of the items to gravitate towards at the holiday parties....

    last night I ate handfuls of chocolate while drinking wine

    come bedtime I was all hopped up on caffiene
    could not sleep

    kid in the bed
    another kid trying to get in the bed

    woke and rode to work

    avoided all ice
    avoiding all crashes

    crashing is fine
    injury sucks

    By Blogger gwadzilla, at 10:31 AM  

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