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Monday, March 06, 2006

Wasted Day

The weekend was all planned. Big plans, lots of things to accomplish but all within reason, so long as things went smoothly...

Saturday went as planned. My wife and I demolished our kitchen and dining room- we're remodeling on a somewhat large scale. We got it all wrecked and down, and even carted the detritus off to the dump in our neighbors' pickup. Having neighbors who are willing to lend their truck is a big money saver-totally awesome of them to help us out here.

I had appointments lined up with two contractors, an electrician and plumber both of whom came and got a look at the project we want them to help us with. Although we are doing most of the work ourselves, there are some portions that are best left to the professionals, due to time and complication of the project.

Plans started changing when my friend AV called Saturday night to bail on our Sunday morning riding plans. He had a great excuse, his wife had just given birth to their son! So after congratulations and discussion about everyone's health and status I let him off the hook because I'm so understanding.

I think AV's call was where things went off the tracks. I was supposed to pick him up ultra early, at 8 am for a ride up at Gambrill. With the early departure now not necessary, I sort of let down my guard at our neighborhood gathering that night. It didn't SEEM like I was going overboard, but I did. As it has happened in the past, I had too much wine on a relatively empty stomach after a long day of manual labor. Then I ate a few slices of pizza and the group, although smaller, moved on to our new neighborhood drinking establishment. There I proceeded to down several beers, 4? I don't know. Too many, that's for sure.

I awoke to a sour stomach and headache. Katie was out the door early for a hike. I rolled around in bed for a while thinking that I really should get up and eat something to help my stomach. But our cupboard was bare. Instead of rallying and getting my butt over to a supermarket or local greasy spoon I lounged and my stomach got worse. Then I started vomiting. There was nothing to vomit. But, my stomach did not see any logic in that reasoning. Around noon I ate some corn chips and watched TV. More vomiting. Ramen noodles, more tv, more vomiting.

Damn. What a waste! I watched several movies, Red October, Hellraiser 4? I don't know, it was bad and I wasn't really paying much attention- some biking show on OLN. I recovered around 6:30. It was one of those 1 hour recoveries, after several hours of retchedness and waves of nausea I went from crappy to fine in about an hour. But the day was over, nothing done on the house, no riding.

I love my wife. She laughed at me, but didn't get mad. She made us a nice mild chicken and rice dinner. She sang me a nice song she learned off of the new Tossers album, something like "Fat drunk and lazy" appropriate I think! I went to bed at 10. Today is going much better.


  • All together now "Get up, get up, you drunken lazy bastard! You drink all night and you sleep all day...Get up, get up, you drunken lazy bastard. You're wasting your life away!" Also, it's not the tossers--it's off an Irish punk compilation called Shite'n'Onions. -The Wife

    By Blogger katie_red, at 12:50 PM  

  • Again, I love my wife. Not only does she know appropriate times for songs, but knows who sings them.

    By Blogger Matt Donahue, at 2:10 PM  

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