Matt Donahue

Monday, June 20, 2005

24 Hours of Big Bear Part 1

There's lots to say about this one! In a nutshell: MONKEY! Ten Pound Monkeys were a great team, great friends, great course, great weather and a 10th place finish to boot! It was great hanging with the other City Bikes team memebers as well, pitting with A Team With No Name and talking to the folks from U.S. Postal, The Big Meats and Innuendo.

EzraTen Pound Monkies

Ten Pound Monkies,
originally uploaded by mdonahue.

I'll have time to post some shots via Flickr over the next few days as JB suggests that I take some time off due to a sight shoulder dislocation. (I think that is a good idea).


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