Matt Donahue

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Giving the evil eye to cars

After reading this article Giving the evil eye to cars
from the Chicago Tribune (August 21) by Jim Sollisch, I wondered how many others feel this way about cars. Does this article speak for more than a few? Is anyone thinking about this?

Since graduating from college I have never commuted to work by car. It's either bike, or when the weather stinks, it's Metro. I've also rarely considered how gas prices affect me, mainly because they don't have a direct affect on me or on my wife. We use our car on the weekend for fun things, and occasionally drive to New England to visit the family. We fill up whenever we need to once every two weeks, depending on how far away the "fun" is on the weekend.

Finally, after reading this article, I felt the journalist's conclusion was sad, why not buy a bike? It didn't seem as if it was even an option. Maybe he can't, which leads to the next discussion of how our cities and towns are planned (or not planned) and why people live so far away from the places they need to get to on a regular basis.


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