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Thursday, June 29, 2006

End of the rain

It's a popular blog topic this week, but the end of the monsoon June is welcome to many. I rode through monsoon, each day, mostly short rides and thus didn't meet my workout plans.

Yesterday I joined the Wednesday Coppi ride in Clarendon/Arlington. Always a good group, and a great hill beating.

John B was there leading the pack as usual. Some other regulars as well as new folks that I hadn't met before.

On the third hill interval I really pushed it. I stayed in the lead pack, sorta, but got beat by John and two other guys on the last wall-hill climb. So at the top we all circle around waiting for the rest of the group to finish and choke back vomit or whatever else you do when you finish a ball buster ride. So John rides by me and looks up, mouth open, pale, "man, my stomach, awe, that just well, I GOTTA take a dump! I'm not doing the last interval, I'm out, don't follow me."

He was pushing. Nice work, hope the dumping went well. I felt like crap after that climb too. Not dump-ish but vomitous. All said, a solid 2.5 hour effort. I'm glad it stopped raining.


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